Koramangala stadium to be Covid-19 Care Centre

Not Kanteerava, Koramangala stadium to be Covid-19 Care Centre

Just before the BBMP ditched Kanteerava as a Covid centre, workers were busy fixing hospital beds there. DH PHOTO/RANJU P

In a last-minute change-of-mind, the BBMP has reversed its decision to establish the Covid Care Centre (CCC) at the Kanteerava Indoor Stadium and has shifted the location to the Koramangala Indoor Stadium.

Though the civic body had zeroed in on the Kanteerava stadium, realisation that it does not have a washroom facility forced the civic body to rethink its choice.

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Several asymptomatic patients at Bowring, Victoria and other facilities had staged a protest over the shortage of restrooms and hot water.

Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner (SWM and Health), BBMP, confirmed the decision to DH, adding that the civic body did not begin the work to establish the Covid Care Centre at Kanteerava as they were skeptical about meeting the standards set from the beginning.

“We are in a great hurry to create facilities to add at least 3,000 to 4,000 beds across the city. There is no point in building new infrastructure, which is also time-consuming. Hence, we are making use of the spaces that have all the facilities, including better washroom and restrooms facilities,” Khan said.

“The Koramangala Indoor Stadium has a capacity of 400-450 beds and will be ready by Monday for occupation. There will be one doctor and two nurses for every 100 patients on a three-shift basis each day. The housekeeping staff will be arranged by the BBMP along with the health department.”

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Meanwhile, K Srinivas, commissioner, Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports, said the Kanteerava stadium will be the last option when it is too essential to be a Covid Care Centre.

“Even if we allow the CCC to be set up at the stadium, it’ll be done at the outdoor facility and the indoor stadium will be used only if the need arises. For the time being, the Koramangala Indoor Stadium has been handed over for setting up the CCC for asymptomatic patients,” Srinivas said.

Khan said that the intake of patients began at the Gandhi Krishi Vigyan Kendra (GKVK) on Saturday. “The GKVK hostel has a facility of 100 beds while the Sri Sri Ravishankar Ayurvedic Hospital will also have a 200-250-bed facility,” he added.